Assistant minister accuses Warisan veep of lying about Sabah Air

KOTA KINABALU: Assistant Finance Minister Ramlee Marhaban has accused Parti Warisan Sabah vice-president Junz Wong of lying in an attempt to cast doubts over the ownership of a Gulfstream G200 jet belonging to Sabah Air.

Replying to a question from Wong at the Sabah assembly sitting today, Ramlee said Wong had never been to the Sabah Air office as claimed.

“Instead, he sent his boys who behaved suspiciously.

“One minute, they wanted to rent a helicopter. The next, they were interested in a private jet.

“Lately, there have been a lot of enquiries about private jet rentals but all came to naught. Not genuine ones and wasting the time and effort of the staff and management of Sabah Air.

“If you are serious, put down a deposit, you can charter, no problem. But don’t go there snooping around with bad intentions,” he said.

Ramlee said the attempt by the opposition to paint a negative picture of Sabah Air and hinting that suspicious activities were taking place was purely to gain political mileage.

In a press conference last week, Wong alleged that the jet belonged to a high-ranking Sabah government official who had been seen boarding it on several occasions.

Sabah Air later issued a statement confirming that the jet belonged to the company. It also said that all Sabah Air planes and helicopters were available for charter.

To validate the claim, Wong said his party members had gone to the Sabah Air office to enquire about the charter services and found out that the G200 jet VP-CSA was not listed for chartering services.

Ramlee told the assembly that the jet was registered under Innosky Limited, which was fully owned by Sabah Air. Innosky is a limited company based in Labuan and was acquired by Sabah Air in December 2015.

“The jet is therefore owned by a subsidiary of Sabah Air which is involved in a corporate jet charter.

“The major shareholder of Sabah Air Aviation Sdn Bhd is the finance ministry. The balance of the shares are owned by Sabah Energy Corporation,” he said.

He reiterated that all of Sabah Air planes and helicopters were available for charter.

On jet charter and medevac services, Ramlee said the positioning, the range and type of aircraft, as well as the requirement of the passengers or patients, would be taken into consideration.FMT